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Have you ever wanted to run a three phase powered machine, but you only have a single phase power supply available? Get 3 phase from single phase power with an Australian made single phase to 3 phase converter from Phase Change Converters.   

PC3 - Mill in toolmaker workshop

Phase Change Converters are your complete one stop shop for solutions to 3 phase power problems, offering a range of technologies and electrical accessories that make 3 phase machines work. 

The Phase-Changer three phase converter changes a 240V, 415V or 480V single or two phase supply into an equivalent 415V 3-phase output, which is just like a utility 3 phase supply. It will efficiently operate any 3 phase equipment.


Provided you have adequate single phase power available, there is always a Phase-Changer three phase converter solution that will reliably power any 3 phase machine. Workshop equipment, welders, compressors, pumps, computer controlled machines, air conditioners, in fact anything that requires 3 phase power can be operated by a Phase-Changer converter. Even big "hard to start" loads will start & run reliably with power from a Phase- Changer.

PC11 - woodworking

Your local electrician connects the input to your single phase supply via a new circuit breaker. And just like standard utility 3 phase, the output is connected to your machinery - and in most cases, that's it - you're ready to go!

Compare the cost of a Phase-Changer to the cost of connecting to a utility power supply, and in most cases the Phase-Changer will cost far less. And you own it. It can be relocated or resold if your circumstances ever change.


Most commercial machinery over a few kilowatts is designed to operate on 3 phase power. That's because 3 phase motors are more reliable, much less expensive, more readily available, have a much better starting capability, run more efficiently (eg. 90% compared to 70%), and last many years longer than their single phase counterparts.

Simply put, single phase motors are expensive, inefficient and unreliable when compared to a 3 phase motor. The requirement for larger machinery often means that 3 phase connection is the only option. In many cases, machine manufacturers do not offer single phase solutions. Having 3 phase power available opens up a whole new world of alternatives to the machinery shopper. A large variety of 3 phase machinery is available from both new and used machinery dealers - and it is usually cheaper and more readily available.


PC6 - Vineyard Irrigation SWER supply

The Phase-Changer is simply the least expensive way to operate 3 phase equipment wherever utility 3 phase is unavailable or is too expensive to obtain. It eliminates the utility charges to extend 3 phase power lines and the cost of new supply transformers and power metering. It also saves the cost of a new 3 phase switchboard and can usually be installed in less than an hour compared with weeks or even months for a utility line extension. Phase-Changers can be used on Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) power supplies. Standard model sizes range from 2.2KW to 45KW and suit any application. The only limiting factor is the size of the single phase supply available. A Phase-Changer is much less costly than a generator to own and operate and it is much quieter. Phase-Changers are 'stand alone' converters that you own and can be relocated or sold if you ever decide to move to a new property.

Phase Changer on ABC TV. Click on image to view video on our Facebook page.

A look way back to 2007, when our original version of the Phase Changer was featured on the (now past) TV show, The New Inventors. Many years later, and many thousands of converters later, Mark and Ian are still working together, producing updated versions of the Phase Changer, which are in service powering small business and hobyists all over Australia.


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